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A share code 300169
A share for short Tiansheng new material
Stock Exchange Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Company’s Chinese legal name Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials CO.,LTD.
Abbreviation of company’s Chinese legal name  Tiansheng new material
Company’s English legal name-金沙国际娱乐真人赌博 Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials CO.,LTD.
Abbreviation of company’s English legal name Tiansheng
Company’s legal representative-澳门金沙 Wu HaiZhou
Registered address No.508 Longjing Road Changzhou 
post code of registered addresses 213028
Office address No.508 Longjing Road Changzhou
post code of office addresses 213028
Company’s internet address
Mailbox of investor relation management
Information disclosure website