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Tiansheng PI Material Has Drawn Attention at 2015 Polymer Foam澳门金沙国际

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Innovation, technology and application are the key factors in supporting the globalization of foam materials. The Polymer Foam Conference 2015 took place from 2 to 3 December in Shanghai. Experts of foam materials from around the world carried out exchanges, learned from each other, broadened their horizons, shared progress and took responsibility for the global development and innovation of foam materials.


At Polymer Foam 2015, Dr.Ma addressed the speech with “New Methods to Manufacture High Performance Polyimide Foam Materials”. The PI foam material developed by Tiansheng has attracted the attention of both Chinese and abroad experts.


PI foam is more and more frequently used in aerospace industry, national defense industry and microelectronics as thermal insulation, noise reduction and insulation materials due to their excellent resistance to high and low temperature, radiation tolerance, flame retardance and low smoke.


Increasing research interest has been developed in high performance PI foam materials recently, but the world is still barren of new products. The new method to prepare PI developed by Tiansheng has following features.

1. Based on domestic raw materials so the cost of source is controllable.

2. Simplified technology allows continuous production.

3. The density of products is in the range of 10 to 50kg/m3 and -87yb.com澳门金沙登录acoustic absorption and thermal insulation -金沙现金直营网properties can be modified by formula and technology adjustment.

4. The products have excellent fire prevention.

5. The applications of products involve ships, aircrafts, industrial equipment and the field of architecture

Nowadays, structural foams and their composite materials are widely used with the world's population escalating and natural sources depleting in order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the fields of industrial manufacturing, such as sea, air and land vehicles and new energy equipment, have placed more and more demands on the lightweight structural materials.


Tiansheng composes more cost advantageous and more appreciate structural foam material with different materials to provide lightweight, high strength and versatile packaged solutions for customers of wind power, vehicles, ships and sports equipment. Every progress Tiansheng has achieved in developing and manufacturing is providing a new possibility for customers’ design and innovation.

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